What we do


1. Caring Hearts for the elderly

2. Giving a helping Hand

3. Life without water

4. Feeding Projects

5. Filling in the gaps


1. Education

We fill in the gaps in the instructional materials in various rural community schools. We facilitate the improvement of teaching and learning conditions, as well as initiate social events amongst the students so social integration. LNOB believes that every person is born with potential, but with quality education, the key to unlock these potentials are unleashed. Therefore, LNOB shall continue to provide opportunities that empower young people to take ownership over their own future outcomes.

2. Care for the Elderly

With advancing age, people experience loss of motor functions, increased blood pressure, hyperthermia, etc.

Lending an emotional support to the elderly, keep them jovial, which is inevitably the ideal way to live a healthy life. LNOB seeks to provide healthcare services, food, shelter, clothing and funeral expenses for the elderly.

3. Agriculture

 LNOB agricultural program targets the needy, mostly the elderly and orphanage especially, at the low rainfall areas where there is an acute shortage of food by improving their life’s condition including provision of affordable and accessible basic gardening inputs for sustainable backyard gardens and food. With unemployment rate of 25% in the rural areas, our agricultural goal is to create a sustainable social enterprise that ensure food security and gardening at grassroots level for many families that rely on donor handouts.

4. Social Welfare

Our orphan sponsorship program is part of our response to the COVID 19 crisis which led to the demise of many parents. Supported children are helped with school fees, uniforms and learning materials.

Individuals are encouraged to support children throughout their primary school education. Children who have lost both parents and those suffering greatest material hardship are targeted. As these children commonly experience extra difficulties at school, continued sponsorship is always needed for them.

LNOB further seeks to create new instructional, rehabilitation and vocational training possibilities that include fitness and wellbeing packages with mentoring and steerage offerings. The offerings rendered are based on three pillars:

(1) Career and Technical Education,

(2) Entrepreneurship Hub & Consultancy

(3) Wellness & Health Promotion (Mental Health and Rehab Centre).


5. …and more

LNOB supports eligible graduates that have viable, innovative and scalable business ideas by providing some of the essential early venture funding to support their growth into sustainable business ventures.